What Causes Water Damage?

Flash Floods, storms and pipes that leak are the most common sources of water damage. They can cause structural damage as well as the development of deadly toxic mildew or mold.

Overflowing toilets and backed-up sewage  can also cause penetrating odor problems that might need chemical treatments.

The longer a building is exposed to wet or moist conditions, the greater the risk for health hazards and for structural damage.  That is why working with the certified and professional team at FastFix who can assess and address the damage in a timely and stress-free manner is essential.

Water damage problems we handle include:
  •  Roof Leaks
  •  Ceiling Leaks
  •  Burst Pipes
  •  Appliance Water Leaks
  •  Toilet Overflow
  •  HVAC Leaks
  •  Wood Floor Water Damage
  •  Carpet Water Damage
  •  Water Heater Leaks
  •  Sewage Backup

Water Remediation

If you experience a flood in your house, contact us immediately for water remediation services to avoid permanent damage to your home. Too much water causes severe structural damage (wood rot), as well as posing a possible health risk to you and your family.

Our FastFix team is ready to handle all of your water removal needs no matter what type of flooring you utilize.


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Water Damage Restoration